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Chair, online Symposium on Conlon Nancarrow and His Music, taking place in September, 2012.

Nancarrow performed on MIDI-controlled pipe organ in Norway

Oeyvind Brandtsegg, Professor of Music Technology at Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU) in Norway, teamed up with Jan Tro and Robert Willey to present arrangements of selected Nancarrow Studies on MIDI-controlled pipe organ+synthesizer, first on January 22, 2013 in the Trondheim … Continue reading

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The Bugallo-Williams Duo Performing Studies No. 4 and 15

Add your comments or questions about the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo’s Symposium keynote performance.

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The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo

The piano duo of Helena Bugallo and Amy Williams are on tour and presenting a number of Nancarrow Tribute concerts, including an appearance at the Other Minds festival in Berkeley, California. Paul Rapport, in his review of one of the … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Article

This just in from Monika Fürst-Heidtmann, one of our most dedicated Nancarrow scholars: Dear friends of Nancarrow’s music! To coincide with Conlon Nancarrow’s 100th birthday (10/27/2012), my comprehensive article about Conlon Nancarrow has just been published in the German lexicon “Composers … Continue reading

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Clarence Barlow: Study No. 7, arranged for two Disklaviers, and other works

Post comments and questions on Barlow’s performances by replying here.

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Scott McGill: Conlon Nancarrow’s Third Study for Player Piano as a Vehicle for Improvisation

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Jeff Morris: A Treatise on the Aethetic Effort for Breath-Powered Disklavier and Live Coding

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