Nancarrow performed on MIDI-controlled pipe organ in Norway

Oeyvind Brandtsegg, Professor of Music Technology at Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU) in Norway, teamed up with Jan Tro and Robert Willey to present arrangements of selected Nancarrow Studies on MIDI-controlled pipe organ+synthesizer, first on January 22, 2013 in the Trondheim Music Conservatory Organ Hall.

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The Bugallo-Williams Duo Performing Studies No. 4 and 15

Add your comments or questions about the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo’s Symposium keynote performance.

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The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo

The piano duo of Helena Bugallo and Amy Williams are on tour and presenting a number of Nancarrow Tribute concerts, including an appearance at the Other Minds festival in Berkeley, California. Paul Rapport, in his review of one of the recordings for Fanfare writes “These pianists are stunning…Don’t listen to this CD straight through, however. Your mouth may get locked in place, wide open.” We advise that precautions should be taken when witnessing a live performance, as the effect is likely to be stronger when seeing the musical efforts requirements to perform Nancarrow’s music.

The duo is giving a keynote performance as part of the online Symposium.

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Comprehensive Article

This just in from Monika Fürst-Heidtmann, one of our most dedicated Nancarrow scholars:

Dear friends of Nancarrow’s music!

To coincide with Conlon Nancarrow’s 100th birthday (10/27/2012), my comprehensive article about Conlon Nancarrow has just been published in the German lexicon “Composers of the Present Time” (Komponisten der Gegenwart – KdG) – edition “text und kritik”, 47th suppl. – issued by Richard-Boorberg-Verlag, Munich.

The 50-page article includes:

– biography and a general view of Nancarrow’s music
– analyses of all works
– four music examples
– list of all works, including releases and first premieres
(corresponding with my listing on the internet:
– selected discography and videography
– bibliography, including interviews

Should you be able to read the German text: some of you may find their names in this or that part of it. Since it is a lexicon to  be adjusted continuously – lexicon in progress so to speak – I would appreciate it if you would let me know whether you found factual errors or would like to add dates or amendments. I’d also like to know, when you hear of any Nancarrow performances in connection with his 100th birthday. Here in Hannover, the Arditti Quartet performed the Third String Quartet in June (Herrenhaeuser Festspiele) and the young Asasello Quartet performed the First Quartet  in August. It would be nice, if the lexicon-article would encourage further performances.

Best regards,

Monika Fürst-Heidtmann

Dr. Monika Fuerst-Heidtmann

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Clarence Barlow: Study No. 7, arranged for two Disklaviers, and other works

Post comments and questions on Barlow’s performances by replying here.

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Scott McGill: Conlon Nancarrow’s Third Study for Player Piano as a Vehicle for Improvisation

Post comments and questions on McGill’s performances by replying here.

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Jeff Morris: A Treatise on the Aethetic Effort for Breath-Powered Disklavier and Live Coding

Post comments and questions on Morris’s performance by replying here.

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